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Tak friend brings different physical and chemical properties of sodium introduced vc

Article source:Zhengzhou Friend Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. popular:Published time:2016/4/13 10:02:16

We all know that different physical and chemical properties of sodium vc do? Today our small series to introduce you knowledge this side of it, and now with our small series a look at this inside knowledge of it, we Furun German biotechnology company specializing in the production of quality is different vc sodium manufacturers, professional technology research and development to bring you good quality products, and now with our small series together to understand the knowledge of it!

We all know that different physical and chemical properties of sodium vc do? We are in this for you to introduce. Iso-vc aka D- sodium erythorbate (d-sodiumerythorbate), erythritol, sodium is a novel biological food antioxidant, preservative aid reagent. Salted to prevent carcinogens - the formation of nitrosamines, the eradication of food and beverage color, odor and turbidity and other negative phenomena. Widely used preservative to help the color of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, wine, beverages and canned food. Mainly rice as the main raw material, the use of microbial fermentation production for product. Iso-vc sodium formula: C6H7NaO6 · H2O. Molecular Weight: 200 ℃ 216.12 mp. White or slightly yellow crystalline granules or powder, odorless, slightly salty, soluble in water (about 7mL water soluble 1g). Dry state stable in air, when the air was when aqueous solution, trace metals, heat and light perishable. Sodium iso-vc for the food industry an important antioxidant preservative, can keep the color, natural flavor of food, extend shelf life, and without any side effects, in the food industry, mainly for meat, fruit, vegetables, canned food, jam , beer, soft drinks, tea, fruit juice, wine.

Professional technology, quality service to bring you the satisfaction of a good product and good service, if you think we Furun German production of different sodium vc You are satisfied, then it would come to our Tak friend to understand it, we will be happy bring you good quality products!

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