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For food safety of these foods should be careful

Article source:Zhengzhou Friend Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. popularity:Published time:2016/4/13 11:03:41

Many housewives like got up early morning stroll, cheaper plans a fresh one, the second is a bustling FIG. But we have to know that not all foods are suitable in the morning to buy, such as the following categories best to the regular supermarket to buy food to reduce food safety risks.

Lo: lo morning market stalls are mostly very simple, lack of cold storage, sterilization and other health facilities, can easily lead lo spoilage. Add some operators lack health awareness and habits, raw and cooked, regardless of the operation, increasing the chances of contamination of food again.

Dry: Dry bulk morning on the most open place, if the encounter rainy weather, it is easily absorbed moisture in the air, leading to premature deterioration.

Pickles: pickles in the production process is easy to produce carcinogens nitrite, under normal circumstances, the substance is a couple of days after the beginning of marinated to the highest content of between ten days, 20 days after the content begins to decline. But none of these vendors on the morning market knowledge, often marinated a few days to be sold, often at a time when the highest amount of nitrite period.

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