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What is nutrition fortifier

Article source:Zhengzhou Friend Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. popularity:Published time:2016/4/13 11:00:02

Zhengzhou Furun Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.: refers to the so-called nutritional supplements are added to enhance the nutritional content of foods and natural or synthetic food additives are natural nutrients range. It refers to the so-called fortified foods to add food nutrition fortifier made in food processing.

Nutritional supplements can not only improve the nutritional quality of food, but also improve the sensory quality of food preservation and improvement of its performance. Food strengthening treatment after eating less food can be kind and simple access to comprehensive nutrition to simplify meal. Nutritional supplements can be divided into vitamins, amino acids and salts into three categories:

1. Vitamin-fortified foods

Common vitamins are vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D, PP and derivatives thereof. As milk plus vitamin A, D (AD calcium milk), flour and vitamin B, some beverages plus vitamin C and so on.

2. Amino acid fortified foods

Common amino acids the human body must have eight kinds of amino acids and their derivatives. Because lysine in grain protein and other plant protein content rarely; methionine relatively low in soybeans, peanuts and meat protein, so lysine and methionine (particularly lysine) is needed by the body and the proportion of food in the most significant protein lacking amino acids (called limiting amino acid). Currently widely used in many countries in the world lysine add rice, noodles, bread, biscuits and beverages, such as the lysine market supply of bread and biscuits.

3. Inorganic salt fortified foods

In recent years, the introduction of "balance fitness salts" or "healthy balanced salt" is a typical product of the application of trace elements. According to the thesis hypertensive patients is due to lack of low sodium potassium, magnesium and calcium and other causes, a conscious effort to change the salt of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium ratio, and increase the content of other beneficial trace elements complement and regulate the body balance dozens of elements. Clinical application and millions of people eat a variety of proven efficacy. One can adjust the balance of potassium and sodium in the body fluids and other elements, so that the body in the best state of the elements, which enables 92% of hypertensive patients to normal, but also make 78% of patients with hypotension blood pressure rise to normal, and have two-way adjustment rhythm role. Second, can promote the growth and development of children, improve child anorexia, and reduce the incidence of disease in the elderly and delay aging body. Third, can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, heart disease there are secondary effects. Healthy people eat this salt has no adverse effect. Now, the country has developed and produced through the food chain, such as selenium-enriched eggs nutrition, zinc-rich leaves, zinc gluconate and other fortified foods.

When using nutritional supplements, it should be careful not to affect the original flavor of food, and to maintain a reasonable balance of nutrients to prevent excessive intake of lead to metabolic disorders, and even poisoning. ? Amount must quot; People's Republic of China Fortified Food grand standard "to be strictly controlled basis.

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